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Youth Ultimate


Our theory of change
Bay Area Disc develops better young athletes and better people by using Ultimate to strengthen physical, social, and emotional development and providing a truly safe, positive, and inclusive sport and a lifetime passion.

Ultimate is an exciting, fast-paced, non-contact team sport played with a disc (or frisbee). Ultimate has unique characteristics like self-officiation and coed play at the highest levels. The Spirit of the Game represents a unique ethos and emphasis on personal responsibility. Ultimate can be used as an educational tool to develop the five Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies.

Girls and boys ages 8-18 are invited to come learn and improve their skills in one of the fastest-growing and fun sports on the planet. Ultimate very well could be your next favorite thing to do!

We are committed to facilitate programming in which SAFETY, FUNDAMENTALS, PLAYING TIME, and SPIRIT OF THE GAME are the goals for each player!

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Bay Area Disc Association offers youth Ultimate camps, leagues and tournaments that fit with USA Ultimate championships.

Description | Age
FALL 2015
Oct 8 - Dec 17
Sept 1 - Oct 6 / Oct 13 - Dec 1
Oct 24 and Nov 7
L2P Ocean Beach | 8-10 Coed, 11-14 Boys and 11-18 Girls
San Francisco
Nov 7
San Francisco
Nov 9 - Jan 13 L2P Pleasanton | 8-13 Coed Pleasanton
Nov 14

Fog Five Cup Beach Tourney | U-14, U19 Boys and U-19 Girls

San Francisco

WINTER 2015-2016
Dec 6  - Feb 14

L2P South Bay 8-10 Coed, 11-14 Boys and 11-18 Girls

Los Altos
Dec 6

USA Ultimate Learn to Play Clinic | 8-13  

Dec 6 
Dec 13 - Feb 14

Girls Program: East Bay | 11-18 Girls


Dec 13 - Feb 14

Youth Winter League East Bay | 8-10 Coed and 11-13 Boys
Jan 30
San Jose
Jan 31
Los Altos
Feb 20
King of Bongo Beach Tourney | U-14 Open, U-19 Open, U-19 Mixed
San Francisco
Feb 21
Mar 5
San Jose
Mar 6
San Jose
Feb 24 - May 18
Mar 20 - Apr 3
El Cerrito
Mar 27 - Apr 10
Mar 11
Santa Clara
Mar 28 - Apr 1
Apr 23-24
Spaghetti Western TournamentU-14 and U-19
May 7-8
Santa Cruz
May 15
Santa Cruz
June 4-5
Corvallis, OR
Jun - Aug

June 4, 11, 18 and 25

YCC Tryouts | 14-18
June 26-29 and July 17-20

Aug 12-14

Blaine, MN

These two forms are required to participate in all Bay Area Disc events:

PE Teachers? New team?
Ultimate meets and exceeds the standards of what your school curriculum desires from an athletic program:

  1. Educational - based on sportsmanship, respect and conflict resolution skills
  2. Coed - offers equal opportunity for girls and boys
  3. Inexpensive - play anywhere, with minimal equipment
  4. Safe -  non-contact sport and win-at-all-cost behavior are contrary to the Spirit Of The Game

For more information and resources visit:
- USA Ultimate youth development [website] and schools [website]
- USA Ultimate affiliate resource center [website]
- USA Ultimate women's development [website]
- Ultimate Canada Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) [website]
- Australian Sport Commission: The Playing for Life companion books
Youth Coaching Conference 2014 [videos] and 2015 [videos]
- Spirit Of The Game [video] [WFDF website] [USAU website]
- PCA Developmental Zone [articles/videos]
- Ultimate video modules for PE Teachers [videos]

Get involved / Recruitments in Progress

The Bay Area Disc Association youth activities and planning are supported by a community of volunteer coaches, players and educators. If you wish to become more involved in Youth Ultimate in any way, please visit the volunteer/Job opportunities page, the "Coaching Cadre" program or contact us. We're always looking for ways to involve the broader Ultimate community in the development of the sport at the youth level.

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Please contact us with questions about Youth Ultimate activities.

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