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Mixed Division

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Absolute Zero

Led by the secret triplets of Victor and Nora Fries, Absolute Zero was formed in the South Bay with the singular goal of putting all competition on ice. Having already been awarded back-to-back National titles for 2017 and 2018, we plan to spend the coming seasons playing chilly offense and stone cold defense. In the end, we are all a part of the Absolute Zero family, and we focus on getting stronger as a team and supporting our teammates to develop as individuals. Contact  
AC Bandits  
We are AC Bandits. We are a new team this year who is looking to fill our roster with fun and dedicated men and women. Just like our namesake, AC Transit, we want to take you where you want to go and make club Ultimate accessible for all. We are inclusive. There is a place for every type of player on our team who is excited about improving. We are spirited. We want to be a fun team to play on and play against. We are low cost and high yield. We stay (relatively) close to home but when we are together we are really focused on getting better and having as much fun as possible. We are dedicated to equality. We want to create a supportive and open mixed team where female players can grow and thrive. We are focused on learning and improving. We want to ignite your inner potential as an Ultimate player. Steal their hearts and band together! 


Alchemy attracts Ultimate players that want to work hard, have fun and improve. We believe in contributing to the Ultimate community as a mixed team that plays with focused, spirited intensity on the field while building a golden team culture off the field. Players of all experience levels and abilities can improve and we will push every player to develop and reach his/her potential individually and collectively as a team. Contact

American BBQ

American BBQ was created by the FDA in the 1920s to celebrate postwar enthusiasm for saucy meats and to help replenish a national void left from the massive casualties suffered by traditional BBQs during the great war. Touted for its unparalleled flavor, vilified for its coronary malfeasance, American BBQ sought to redefine itself by studying German Efficiency at Carleton College in the 1960s. It moved to California in the 70s and took graduate classes at UCLA before starting the now famous Guilt Free food movement. Feeling increasingly marginalized by more exotic BBQs, American BBQ released a tell-all memoir called in 1987, extolling itself as the national leading cause of obesity and gastrointestinal vexation. Now residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, American BBQ hopes to one day become an Enesco world heritage site and a major world religion. ABBQ is a leading player in the race to create the first 100% Angus beef protein suppository and in its spare time plays Ultimate at the highest level the sport offers. Contact


2011 & 2012 National Champions

BW Ultimate

We got a fever, and the only prescription is more competitive mixed Ultimate in the South Bay. Contact

In the mid aughts, in a gorgeous city by the Bay, Classy was born -- the mutant stepchild of a father who specialized in upside-down twerking and a mother who beasted in the endzone. We're a mixed team entering our tenth year (#classyX) and we can't wait to meet you! We focus on strong competitive play on the field, finishing 7th at Regionals last year (4th in the Bay Area!), but also on building a strong community off the field through our playful spirit and various year-round events. We have a coach, practice 1-2 times / week, and attend ~8 tournaments / year. We're always looking for new teammates; contact us if you're looking for a team that prioritizes competitive Frisbee, building deep friendships, and having maximum fun! 


Donuts is dedicated to legit friendship, good vibes and fun on-field chemistry. We are looking to make a team of good friends who love just chilling with each other and balling out on the field. We know that teams that really like each other also play better together, and that's what we're going for. We are all still really competitive and love to play our asses off trying to compete and win, but never at the expense of losing respect for our opponents, ourselves and the pure fun of Ultimate. Sprinkles all day. Tickles all night.  


Founded in 2009, Dutch is a Bay Area mixed club team. We pride ourselves in maintaining a competitive program while highly valuing the friendship and fun times that ultimate brings us. Based in the East Bay, our team is home to many Cal grads, and boasts a roster of many former coaches and captains of Cal college teams and various league teams. Over our history, we have continuously grown and developed as a team, adding new friends and new memories. We're excited to play some good ultimate and have some good times this summer season. 


Groove is a very competitive team that likes to bring the fire and spirit to every match, always seeking to play at the highest levels and always with the highest respect for our opponents and the game. We like to have fun just as much as we like to win, and we are always on the lookout for more comrades who feel the same. Contact 


Mischief is a Pro-Flight Ultimate team from the San Francisco Bay Area, now in its 13th year. We have qualified for Nationals six out of the last eight years, including winning the championship in 2006 and a 5th place finish last year.

Each year we develop a strong squad with a solid core of returning players and talented new additions. We will be aiming high and hope to bring it to Nationals again with more gratuitous spanking, kabbadi showdowns, epic SuperLame and high-quality Ultimate. 

Polar Bears

How much does a polar bear weigh? Well, this group of them is probably around two tons all together. Founded in 2010 on the sandy beaches of Santa Monica, the Polar Bears are hard-working, troll-loving friends who are always in search for good competitive Ultimate. 

That is NOT What She Said

Regionaughts Champions 2013

Some long-time friends got together circa 1996 and played Ultimate. Then some other people kind of started showing up and they were not too awful. Then we played a lot more and wrote some cheers, mostly for our own entertainment. One time, several years ago, we qualified for Regionals, but were too lazy to arrange flights or carpools. We do not practice and we do not have try-outs but we do go to most local tournaments, under a different name every time. So how do you join this mysterious, elite squad? We mostly just find you, after years of observing you, when you least expect it. 

Ursa Major

Ursa Major is a mixed team with a focus on star development, grizzly performance and working and playing together as one bad ass constellation. We are a team committed to helping players improve individually and as part of the team. We believe in spirited, competitive play and hope to reach high levels in the Bay Area. We also like to foster good team community, both on the field and off, and are excited for what this coming season has in store for us!

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