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Fitness Challenge

The Fitness Challenge is a spirited competition where participants of all ages, locations and fitness levels compete to outlast each other in a professionally designed, Ultimate training and injury prevention program. Sign up to start an Ultimate focused training program, stay in shape during the club Ultimate off-season, find motivation to stick with a workout routine, show off your training resolve and heckle your friends and family. As the competition progresses, the training program becomes more difficult. The last participants standing will take home awesome prizes, not to mention eternal glory.

Registration & Start Date

The Fitness Challenge begins annually in October. Registration for the Fitness Challenge opens in September. Check back for more information.

How It Works 

The Fitness Challenge begins with a base of daily and weekly exercises (example: ten push ups, one minute of plank and ten squats per day, and one hour of non-Ultimate cardio per week) Every week, workout requirements
will increase and become more difficult. New exercise additions will be announced to participants via email and will follow an Ultimate-specific training and injury prevention program. 
Participants that fail to complete daily
and weekly workout requirements are eliminated from the Fitness Challenge and must 
contact the Fitness Challenge Marshal. Much like Ultimate, the Fitness Challenge relies of self-officiation and Spirit of the Game for participants to be honest when they are eliminated. Participants will continue to receive all future exercise information after elimination.   

Exercise Schedule

Exercise requirements for the upcoming week will be emailed to participants every Sunday by 12:00 midnight.

Starting every Monday, participants are required to complete exercises throughout the week, with one day off per week to be taken whenever participants choose. Off days may not be built-up or rolled over into future weeks, use them in a given week or lose them. Every week will bring a mix of exercises to be completed every day (except on the one day off) and exercises to be completed by the end of the week. Participants have until 12:00 midnight to complete daily exercise requirements and until 12:00 midnight on Sundays to complete weekly exercise requirements. Exercises performed even at 12:01am would not be counted.

Below is an example of a hypothetical workout routine for a given week with daily exercise requirements of ten push ups and ten squats and a weekly
exercise requirement of one hour of non-Ultimate cardio.  

Monday: ten push ups, ten squats

Tuesday: ten push ups, ten squats
Wednesday: ten push ups, ten squats
Thursday: ten push ups, ten squats, one hour bike ride

Friday: ten push ups, ten squats
Saturday: OFF DAY

Sunday: ten push ups, ten squats
Spirit of the Game

As previously mentioned, the Fitness Challenge relies on self-officiation and Spirit of the Game (sound familiar?) for participants to be honest when they are eliminated. Participants must always conduct themselves and compete in a fair manner. Do not let the drive for victory take you down a dishonest path and ruin the fun for everyone. Do not be that guy or girl!
Equal Opportunity Competition

Injuries and financial statuses will not stand in the way of getting buff. 

Participants with injuries will be given suitable substitute exercises should exercise requirements not jive with injuries. The longer participants stay in the competition, the more challenging exercise requirements become. With that in mind, participants should listen to their bodies. If exercise requirements begin to cause pain related to injuries,
contact the Fitness Challenge Marshal to be given suitable substitute exercises. 

Also, staying fit can sometimes get expensive. With this in mind, the Fitness Challenge will avoid exercises that require gym memberships, special equipment and so on.
  • 1st Place: Cash prize of 15% of the total entry fees (the more Fitness Challenge participants the bigger the prize!), plus all the bragging rights
  • 2nd Place: Automatic, free registration to any Bay Area Disc league or hat tournament**
  • 3rd Place: One shake weight
Fitness Challenge Proceeds

All Fitness Challenge proceeds benefit Bay Area Disc Association in its mission to strengthen the Ultimate community by creating opportunities for youth, club and adult recreational athletes to interact, develop and compete.


**Winner must submit prize claim before redeeming league registration opens
**Excluding Huck Cancer

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