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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for providing leadership, setting policy and providing fiscal oversight. New board members and officers are elected in the fall and spring by the current Board of Directors.

The current Board of Directors includes:

  • Adam Farren, President 

    Adam Farren learned to throw a flick in the 1990s at Camp Becket in the Berkshires. Since then he's played on college,
    club and semi-professional teams, most recently in 2015 on San Francisco Blackbird. He's been a volunteer with Bay Area Disc Association since 2009, joining the Board in 2011 and beginning his current term as President in 2013. Off the field,
    Adam has worked in business development and sales for several startups, including Bleacher Report, Huddler and
    currently at NovoEd.

  • Manisha 'Slap' Daryani

    Manisha 'Slap' Daryani was first introduced to Ultimate in 2002 at UCSD. After just one season playing with the UCSD Psychos, Slap sought out more opportunities to play and joined the local women's club, San Diego's Safari. In 2007, life brought her to the Bay Area and she joined one of the Bay Area's own women's club teams, Fury, for which she still plays.
    Slap joined the Board in late 2011 to use her experience as an elite club player to help connect club players with the larger Bay Area Ultimate community and help foster the incredible pipeline of Bay Area youth players as they move into
    college and club. To that end, Slap also coaches the UC Berkeley women's team. Off the field, she is a criminal defense attorney. Photo credit Discraft

  • Kimmey Hardesty, Development Manager

    Kimmey Hardesty was first introduced to Ultimate Frisbee through the intramural sports at her undergraduate college, University of Arizona. Since then she's played on college and club teams in multiple states including Arizona, Michigan and California and loves to travel domestically and abroad for new playing experiences. Kimmey has been volunteering with Bay Area Disc Association on and off since 2008 and joined the Board officially in 2014. Kimmey has devoted her professional career to healthcare and after a decade of consulting, recently launched her own home healthcare company, Tending.

  • Nikki Johnson 

    Nikki started playing Ultimate in college as a way to continue having a highly competitive relationship with sports, and she quickly realized how incredible the Ultimate community is. She has played on a few Bay Area mixed club teams including That's What SHE Said, Fluffer and Groove. She wants to help people in the Bay Area have a positive relationship with Ultimate by helping facilitate playing opportunities. In hosting the annual Fanya Further beach tournament, she is continually in awe of the spirit of the Bay Area Ultimate community. 

  • Bill Liu, Treasurer 

    Bill Liu is the Treasurer for Bay Area Disc Association. He hopes to see continued growth in the sport and wants to create
    as many playing opportunities for the Ultimate community. He's been playing ultimate since 2002 and loves the sport
    because of the people, competition and Spirit of the Game. Bill is a Senior Accountant at Andronico's Community Markets.

  • Colin (Coleo) Sjostedt, New Player & Events Manager

    Colin (Coleo) Sjostedt
    loves Ultimate because it is the perfect storm of competition, Spirit, exercise, socializing and fun. His work with Bay Area Disc allows him to interact with players from beginners to the best in the Bay, and for that he is thankful.

  • Rob Srinivasiah, Events Manager

    Rob Srinivasiah started playing at ASU, when his roommates started to play. The inability to throw a flick enraged him
    enough to stick with it for the next 10 years. He plays mixed club with BW, and helps coach Palo Alto High School during
    the youth season. On the administrative side, Rob joined the Board in 2013 as Events Manager, succeeding the mildly (exceedingly) competent Adam. Additionally, Rob helps organize the South Bay Ultimate League as the Executive Director. When Rob isn't thinking about Ultimate, he ponders how to improve graphics on PS4 games (which is a real job), write bios for himself and argue about everything.

  • Jesse White, Marketing and Communications Manager 

    Jesse White coordinates adult Ultimate programs for Bay Area Disc and provides marketing and communication support for
    the organization. He is also an active board member. Jesse learned to play Ultimate in 2008 while studying abroad in the Netherlands, instilling in him values of community and Spirit of the Game. He is a founding captain of Alchemy, a Bay Area mixed club team, and on the beach he can be frequently found donning a red cap on Team Zissou. In the real world, Jesse
    is a Communication Coordinator for Public Advocates Inc., a non-profit law firm with the mission to end systemic causes of poverty and racial discrimination.

In addition, the following people assist on the Adult Programs Committee:

  • Ty Adams
  • Deanne Katz
  • Jessica Smith

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